Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Gardening Update - We're almost all planted!

Okay, I'm getting there. For those of you saying "you haven't got everything in yet?!", tomorrow the high is suppose to be 11 Celsius (54 F) and the plants/seedlings are sitting outside. We're not exactly missing the great weather but the plants are still growing in their peat pots.

Today I got in the blueberry bushes. The first bush I bought is really just a twig. We'll see if it takes. Worse case I'll have to buy a new one for next year. The other bush is really nice and should do okay. I also put in some lavender and rosemary back in that corner but I'll probably move the rosemary next spring when I clear out behind my shed for a herb garden.

I also put in the final rows of beets and onions. That space if finally full. I have some beets and onions spouting out of the first 2 plantings. My garlic is doing awesome. It loves the chilly weather so it's been perfect lately. I also have 7 potato plants with leaves up through the soil. I've been mounding the soil around the leaves and only had to re-bury 3 potatoes. The space is on a bit of a slope so I've had some erosion but hopefully as the leaves come in that will stop. I'm keeping an close eye to ensure we have no potatoes enjoying the sunshine (and getting toxic green bits)

I have a couple more flower pots to do, just small ones with some leftover annuals I picked up to do the railing containers. I'm also going to do 2 pots of tomatoes since I have so many healthy seedlings. Then that will be it until later in the summer when I'll plant some spinach. The weeds are trying to beat me down but I won't let them! On a side note, I dug up the bottom of a fence post today while clearing out the space for the tomatoes. I didn't even know it was there!! There was no decay or breakdown of the wood... makes me wonder how much chemicals were in the wood to prevent it from decaying while sitting it wet mud... And that's where I'm putting tomatoes to eat. Well that's going to bother me for a bit.

I have a pair of knee pads that you velcro on to your legs. I've always hated them because the velcro in the back digs in when I bend. While drying off after my shower it dawned me that I could just turn around the velcro, have it in the front of the knee so it won't dig in also it will be on the outside of the pad and won't be anywhere near my skin. Brilliant. I've had those pads for years and am just now realizing this. Good gravy I'm quick!

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