Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wharf Wraps

I have been meaning to share with you the best spot for fish and chips on the planet. Yes, I said "on the planet" because, seriously, it is. Wharf Wraps is another restaurant in Fisherman's Cove in Eastern Passage Nova Scotia. And it is totally worth the trip. Luckily for me it's just a 2 minute drive! While waiting to be seated we heard someone say that it was the best place for fish and chips so we had to try it out. I don't even particularly like fish and chips but this is to die for. I have guest coming for both the Canadian and the American Thanksgiving and you can rest assured there will be fish and chips consumed on both occasions.

The fish is huge. It's a 10 oz haddock fillet! And the breading is so tasty. I took some of mine home because there was no way I could finish the whole thing and it was even delicious the next day warmed in the oven. It wasn't greasy but it was nice and moist. You have the option of homemade tartar sauce or the Kraft packet. I like a place that attempts to make their own tartar sauce, shows a bit of passion for making good food. The decor is ketchy but not as overkill as Boondocks. I can see myself in snuggled in there during the cold winter months with a cup of chowder. That will be the true test, how is their chowder. I'll let you know when I find out.