Thursday, July 12, 2012

The realities of a working girl

I just violated one of my golden rules.  I heated up my lunch in a plastic container.  Do you know how many chemicals are released when you heat plastic?! And who in the hell eats soup in July?!  Well I like to keep the office on the cool side so.... Yesterday I went over to Pete's Frootique for a nice bowl of soup cause I was cold at lunchtime.  I had already eaten my leftover slice of pizza and little salad so when they gave me a roll with my soup I thought "now what am I going to do with this?".  So last night I grabbed a soup out of the freezer (Lentil soup from October 2011 - hope I blogged the recipe cause it's quite tasty and I'd love to make it again.) to go with my roll for today's lunch.  I couldn't throw out a perfectly good roll...  although now that I took the roll out of the plastic bag it was in I'm realizing it's got little mold spots on it.  yup, it's stall.  Seriously?  For what Pete's charges for a bowl of soup the rolls should be fresh daily!  I'd take it back but that would entail going outside and it's way to nice to tempt myself by going outside.  No way would I come back to the office.

That's right I'm working full time  - again.  Gone are my mornings on the couch flipping through cookbooks planning the evening meal.  I've got a piece of salmon taken out for dinner.  I've also got some Swiss Chard I picked out of my garden on the weekend to go with it.  Actually that sounds pretty good.  I was going to go on about how my eating habits have changed from gourmet'esgue to quick and more that occasionally, processed.  I'm reheating in plastic and eating prepared foods. Reality bites.  Except for tonight.  Tonight sounds pretty good and I know I have white wine in the fridge ready to go with it.

Now I primarily cook on the weekend, planning meals I can add to my freezer collection and/or things that can translate into sandwiches or salads for the week.  Eggs for dinner rock it (super quick, super easy) and whenever there is a sale on my favorite frozen pizzas I stock up (dinner and lunch the next day).  Last evening I was checking out the lettuce in my garden and all I could think was "oh man picking that and getting it ready to eat would be too damn much work".  See I do know what it's like to be a busy/lazy working person.  I know at the end of the day you don't want to cook (or pick and clean lettuce).  This is why I harp about being organized.  At least I was able to pull out a nice homemade soup from my freezer last night.  Even if I now have to go around and try and scrounge up a roll or some crackers would do.... Glad I had a boiled egg for morning snack (don't judge me, it's a long time between breakfast and lunch).  At least Pete's give you a big napkin with your purchase.  It's lasted me 2 days so all is not lost.