Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two Chowder Tips, A Breakfast Idea and Some Skin Arsed Dogs

Okay I know I've talked chowder (just enter "chowder" in the search area top left) before but last night I made a yummy one of corn, shrimp, clams and scallops. I mashed about 3/4 of the potatoes to thicken it. One of my favorite tricks to keep it light but thick. I like mine thick personally, some people say that's just wrong but it's your chowder, you do it however you like. I won't tell. I also used some liquid hickory smoke since I had no bacon in the house. The flavour is great, rich and salty without the added fat or sodium! I had some last night and I'm taking some tomorrow for lunch. I love chowder when it's had a chance to fester. (yes the picture is sideways and no, I don't know why)

Since I've been back to work I have been taking breakfast on the go. Usually a english muffin toasted with cheese and ham but on Sunday I made a croissant to go. I took the multigrain Pillsbury refrigerated crescent roll, put a slice of deli meat (I had toscan turkey and some ham) and a slice of cheese, (I used swiss and provolone) and rolled them up as usual. I cooked them as per the instructions on the tube and they were great. Best part, I wrapped them, completely cooled in plastic wrap and they kept well. I had them for breakfast on Monday and Tuesday. Just 15 seconds in the microwave and they were good to go!

This is the view from my deck at the moment. Gotta love summer!
So this is my new bad boy. Stay tuned for some bbqing fun with this baby! Isn't he pretty?! I just need to pick up some propane...

So Granny Tan and I are heading away for a Most Excellent Cottage Getaway in just 9 more sleeps. So I got the dogs prepped. Mr Twist..(does Dakota, on the left, look green to you too? I won't tell you what I came home to today since this is a blog about food... it would turn you green, trust me. poor fella)

And this is miss em. She is one sassy girl with her summer shave. Nice tushie too!

This is where granny tan and I are going. Do you think it will be relaxing?

And this is the kitchen. Expect good blogs after that our trip!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuna, Tomato, Basil and Cheese Pasta Salad

I am having the most lovely lunch. I made it last night. Simple and tasty. It kept well and fresh, no wilting of the basil overnight. Definite plus!

It's a tuna pasta salad! The pic is not great since I took it with my cell phone but you get the idea. (can you get a tripod for your cellphone camera?!)

Here is the ingredient list: (serves 2 - 3 big lunches)

  • 1/2 of a 375g box of whole wheat penne
  • 1 can of tuna packed in water
  • 1 tomato, diced
  • 1/2 cup finely shredded or grated parmesan or mozza cheese (I used a bit of both)
  • dash of salt or Ms. Dash (I used a bit of both)
  • splash of extra virgin olive oil. I used about 1 1/2 tbsp for the whole salad
  • a couple of leaves of basil, torn by hand


  1. Cook the pasta according to the package. Drain
  2. Toss tuna, tomatoes, pasta and cheese in a bowl.
  3. Add in the salt/Ms. Dash and olive oil and mix well
  4. Add in the basil and toss lightly.

Enjoy! I certainly am. I see this one going on my chick weekend cottage getaway next month! Now there will be some good cooking. We are starting to plan the menu now and the holiday is 3 weeks away! Stay tuned.