Thursday, June 03, 2010

Best Baked Fries and a Kicked Up Dip

Last night I had a portie burger and fries. I did the fries a little differently and they turned out so good I had to share. The burger was pretty basic, grilled portabello mushroom with cheddar, onions, bacon, tomato and lettuce with a little mayo on one side and a little of our kicked up dip on the other. I'll get to that in a minute. First the fries!

Most people have cut some fresh potatoes into fries, tossed them in olive oil and seasoning and baked them. Typically we put them on a baking sheet, sometimes with aluminum foil or parchment paper. Last night I threw them right on the oven rack. ***Put a tray underneath, on the lower rack or you'll get drippings on the bottom of your oven!*** This allowed the heat to get at them from all sides. Just that little difference in the cooking method made a huge difference in the end result. They were super crispy. I tossed on some spicy mesquite seasoning. They were perfect!

Now on to the Kicked Up Dip! Super simple. I often mix ketchup and mayo for a nice tangy dip or spread but this time I added Garlic Chili Pepper sauce to the mix. YUM!!

That's it. What a great pub style meal that was really healthy!

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