Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yes they were as good as they look. But I can now confirm that 2 lbs is a bit much, even as a meal unless you are a huge eater. 1.5 lbs per person for a main meal is plenty. I could not finish the last 5 mussels..... But I did enjoy my meal. I threw in a little cream, just about 1/4 cup into the wine and garlic broth I steamed the mussels in before I poured it over the them in the serving dish. Great start to the Olympic menu
As I watched the opening ceremonies, I was pleased to see the countries I chose to represent on this menu each have a good number of athletes representing them in most or all of the events. Greece had to be included even though there are countries there with more athletes. Tonight is Polish Perogies and Kielbasa. Poland has been in every winter Olympic games since the beginning! Glad I had them on the menu! I'll be having a nice healthy salad on the side and my kielbasa is turkey kielbasa so it will be a pretty healthy meal.
Back to the games!

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Cool looking cupcakes!