Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Opening Ceremonies

As I watch the Opening Ceremonies I'm immensely proud that the First Nations were so well represented. It's amazing that the four leaders of the four host first nations were given such respect in the official stands, sitting right behind Michealle Jean, our Governor General. The dancers and their costumes were so beautiful.

It was devastating today to here of the young Georgian man who lost his life on the Luge track. I wondered how it would be handled. Of course you want to pay the most respect possible. But what would be right? I think they are doing a fine job of respecting his Olympic spirit. His teammates are clearly devastated but they will stay and compete. I suspect that Nodar Kumaritashvili would have wanted that. I have shed many a tear today in my silly sappiness but the ones I shed when I heard that this young man lost his life just so he might feel what it was like to be an Olympian were tears well spent. I will think of him every time someone goes down that track and every time I hear of an athlete from the former Soviet Republic. Rest in Peace.

While the Olympics are fun to watch and I've created a menu to go along with them, I am continually reminded that these guys train hard. In other words, they get off their fleshy bottoms and MOVE!! I'm feeling immensely inspired. So during the Olympics I'm going to get out and move every day. Even if I just let one of my big hairy dogs drag me around the block. At least I'll be moving! So aside from feeling extra proud to be a Canadian, I'm going to try to be a healthy Canadian. I was enjoying a glass of white wine after my Mussels and instead of getting another glass, I had a nice mug of Earl Grey. Much healthier!

And when the Canadian team entered the Opening Ceremonies.... yeah, the flood gates opened. Congrats to all the qualifying athletes from all countries. May the games begin!

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