Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Easy Olympic Meals

There are a few meals in my Olympics menu that are quick and easy and won't be made ahead so here's what I'm doing.

Check out my complete Olympic menu and recipe links here.

Belgium Mussels
Get 1.5 - 2 lbs a mussels per person. Wash them, toss out any that won't close, pull of the fuzzy beards. Get a big pot. I put in a couple of cloves of garlic, roughly chopped, some white wine and some water or chicken broth just to fill up the pot about an inch or 2. Toss in your mussels and set the pot over high heat. Once the liquid starts to boil, steam the mussels about 4 minutes. I serve the mussels with the leftover pot liquor and bread to sop it all up with. You could take out the mussels and add a little cream to the pan, heat through and then pour over the mussels in their serving dish. Remember to throw out any mussels that don't open.

Polish Perogies and Kielbasa
This one is super easy. I buy frozen perogies. Just follow the directions on the package. Typically there are directions to cook them up in a pan with butter. Even if there isn't, cook them as directed then put them in a pan set over medium high heat with veg oil and a smidgen of butter for flavour. Slice or dice some kielbasa and throw it into the pan too. Serve with some steamed veggies or a salad and that will be my easy polish inspired meal.

Switzerland Cheese Fondue
Yes, you can make a fondue cheese recipe but most recipes call for Kirsch with is not something most of us have on hand (it's German cherry brandy). I'm really cheating on this one. In your deli cheese section you can find packages of fondue cheese. All you have to do is melt it in your fondue pot. Don't have a fondue pot? Heat in a pot on the stove over low. I'm going to have grilled veggies and bread with mine and I might add some grilled chicken. If you don't have time, simply grab a french stick loaf of bread and some pre-cut veggies from the grocery store. How easy is that?!

Pizza counts! Order in or pull one out of the freezer - done!

Burgers and Fries, Cheesesteaks, Subs or Heros sandwiches, these are all great options. Any Americans out there have some recommendations?

Grab some bratwurst from the grocery store. Serve them on the a bun with some sauerkraut.

Show you're support for Canada!
Donairs! Mac and Cheese, Fish Cakes, Chowder, Pea Soup. Anything from a pub! It's easy to show your support.

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