Monday, July 31, 2006

Corn is the reason for the season!

I had my first LOCAL corn this weekend. Corn starts to convert its sugars to starch the minute it is picked from the stalk so the longer it has to travel to get to you, the less sweet it will be. That's why I don't eat fresh corn that has been shipped in. I want it right from the farm, picked that morning. And this weekend, that's what we got. I did it 3 ways. I boiled some, bbq'd some and roasted one piece in the husks for Tim. And it was all good... There is nothing like carmalized corn kernels hot off the bbq. I basted it with olive oil and herb and garlic seasoning. I used some of the same inside the corn I did with the husk still on. We're always so happy to have good corn, we never bother to play with the flavors but just like anything else you put on the 'que, corn can be basted, marinated and sauced up!

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