Friday, July 28, 2006

Cottage Prep, Again!

This idea of preparing dishes ahead for a weekend with a small kitchen or a busy weekend or even a busy week is definatly worth exploring if you are a busy person. I love going to the cottage knowing not only are my meals planned but the most time consuming work is done. So far today I have made a tuna and white bean salad with my homemade italian seasoning mix and fresh basil (this involved opening 2 cans, sprinkling on the seasoning and chopping basil, that's it!) and I've taken this weeks leftover curry chana dahl (chickpeas) and added some cooked frozen spinach and peas and some finely diced red onion. Now I have a some great lunch salads or side dishes.

Earlier in the week I made my fat free ceasar dressing so I have some of that leftover plus some lettuce so we'll have a salmon ceasar salad for dinner when we get there tonight. All I have to do is wash and tear the lettuce, toss with the dressing and grill the salmon. Done!

For Saturday night it is the traditional beer can chicken. Tim's son is a bit fussy about what he likes on the bbq so once I found out he likes the whole chicken done this way, it's how I always do it for him. And we use the leftover chicken for chicken salad sandwiches during the week. Tim's fav is buffalo chicken salad which uses mayo, hot sauce (tabasco), blue cheese dressing or real blue cheese, depending on what I have on had, and grated carrots. Just don't put it on the bread until right before eating because it will get really mushy!

See ya at the cottage! I'll be the one with the cocktail in my hand....

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Tanya said...

Mmmm... Beer Can chicken :o)