Monday, July 17, 2006

KISS for Dinner

Keep It Simple Stupid! And that often applies to dinner. I've made the treck to visit my mom to do some cooking for her. She has broken her foot so I'm going to do some meals for her freezer so she won't have to worry about dinner for a while. But by the time I got here it was a little late to plan dinner... Or was it?! See dinner doesn't have to be complicated. On a hot day there is nothing better than a good salad with some grilled meat on top. (We had chicken) Add your favorite salad dressing and you are done. How easy is that?! And nutritious! Want to make it even easier? Get the pre-bagged salad greens (we had the baby romaine bagged stuff). Then add another veg or two, like tomatoes, cucumber, red onion or mushrooms. That's it, your back on the deck, chatting with the neighbors, having a beer. If you want to make it a little more substanial, add a baked potato done in the microwave.

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