Friday, July 28, 2006

Salt Free Reviews

I want to comment on last nights dinner of grilled chicken leg and thigh pieces with stuffed eggplant. I used no salt but we didn't miss it. On the chicken I squeezed some fresh lemon juice and it didn't over power the taste of the chicken. Lemon is often used in small quantities to 'brighten' the flavor of food, much like salt. I also sprinkled some of my homemade fish and poultry seasoning and a store bought, no salt Garlic and Herb seasoning. It was tasty! And as for the stuffed eggplant, I used brown rice, chopped peppers and red onion that had been grilled earlier in the week and feta cheese. For seasoning I used a little garlic and some of my homemade greek seasoning. The feta has some sodium in it but I didn't add any extra and it was delish.

Remember, my homemade seasonings are just dried spice and herb mixes I've done up ahead of time. Had I not had them on hand I would have used some of my dried herbs to get the same results.

Experiement! You just may surprise yourself!

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