Sunday, October 08, 2006

Calactus Review (Vegetarian can be awesome!)

So I haven't really spoken much about restaurants here in my blog. One of the reasons is that I believe if you don't have anything nice to say, then you shouldn't say anything at all. I find a lot of places make heavy, flavorless, overly salty food and I often leave disappointed that I wasted my entertainment dollar on a meal I didn't enjoy... Although I must say, there are a few chain restaurants around that, while having heavy meals, have been flavourful and a decent experience for my entertaining dollar, which is a surprise for me because I'm a big fan of local ingredients made fresh. But I want to talk about my most pleasant surprise as of late.... Calactus! If you haven't been, you need to go. Bring along your 'Earth Muffin' side and an open mind. This place respects the earth and your body, even if you don't. They do things with vegetarian cuisine that make me seriously contemplate a vegetarian lifestyle. Meat?! Who needs it?! This is the stuff of a foodie's dreams.

I've been there twice so far and both times were divine. They have a full menu of coffee and teas to make your lunchtime experience complete. And they have a nice little wine list to make your dinner a truly grown-up experience, all organic of course. The first time I had the daily special, the Mustafa Melt. It was amazing. Flavors that you would never think of putting together... This chef needs to put out a cookbook! The second time I had a wrap type dish off the menu. Again I was impressed. I took Tim there for dinner for my second visit. He too was quite impressed. And he didn't have to feel guilty about blowing his healthy eating regime. What a treat!

We even had a vegetarian parfait with tofu cream. It was good! And I'm not a big tofu fan. I'm still developing my taste for it. But this dessert was fabulous.

So go to Calactus and have a delicious dinner or lunch. And you won't even have to feel guilty about a great meal out!

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