Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ah the joy of weekend brunch...

I love a late breakfast on the weekend. I like to come up with something yummy that brings the whole family to the table, something that may even require a nap afterwards. And it doesn't require big grocery list, a lot of planning or a lot of prep work. I've been known to take the leftovers from dinner the night before, add some eggs and call it breakfast. Leftover roast chicken, broccoli and potatoes? Perfect. Chop them up, put them in a casserole dish, pour some eggs over and bake it for 20- 30 minutes at 350 degrees and you've got a great brunch. Toss in some cheese with the mixture before you bake it and you have a delectable delight!

Even if you just have some leftover steak and onions, great that'll work! Add some cheddar, even throw in some frozen veggies to make it a complete meal and you'll be impressed with the results. Even leftover seafood works (if you aren't too hungover from the night before). Shrimp, scallops or salmon make a fantastic breakfast bake! Spinach works well here or just go with some herbs. I tend to stay away from too much cheese with seafood. It just doesn't need it. But some cream cheese or a flavored soft spreadable cheese mixed in with the eggs adds a nice punch.

You can make these concoctions as either a quiche or scrambled eggs. And you don't have to add everything from the night before. Roasted beets with your steak and eggs may not be for everyone.

This morning I made a Ham and Spinach quiche. Oh, when I say "quiche" I mean an egg pie, there is no shell involved. It saves on fat and calories but if you want to use a frozen one or want to make one, go right ahead. I won't tell you not to!

For this mornings dish I used a slice of diced ham (this is an example of how to incorporate a high sodium food into your diet without having a huge portion but still getting the taste), some frozen spinach (you can get the chopped kind frozen in nuggets from Sobey's, it's really useful when you don't need a whole package), some Jarlsberg and some swiss cheese, a little herb and garlic seasoning and some onion powder mixed in with the eggs. It took me exactly 5 minutes to make this dish. 30 minutes in the oven at 350 and breakfast is ready! And here's the real kicker.... we'll have leftovers for quick breakfasts during the week. How awesome is that?!

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