Sunday, June 25, 2006


Tonight I'm attempting Falafels on the bbq. I've never made Falafels but I certainly like to eat them. I'm cheating and using a mix. I like the other products by Fantastic so I'm confident that their Falafel mix will be good. You just add water. Now anything that only requires that you add water is suspect at best. But I figure by the time I make up the Falafels into a pita wrap with Tzatziki, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, feta and maybe some hummus, it won't matter to much how the Falafel mix tastes... Next time I'll make them from scratch.

I'm going to mix them up then roll them into balls and cook them on the bbq. I'll heat it up to high then put on a rack so they don't fall through the holes. One of those veggie racks will work. The box says to either fry them or broil them. Broiling is like bbqing. So I'm either going to use indirect heat or grill them over medium-high, we'll see how they do. When trying something new, do one or a small amount first to see what will work best.

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