Friday, June 09, 2006

Low Sodium Pasta Sauce

Sounds like an oximoron doesn't it?! But The Superstore has some low sodium pasta sauces as part of the blue menu line. And it tastes awesome! Even tim likes it and he's not a big fan of tomato based pasta sauce. We had the tomato and basil. For 1/2 cup there is only 270mg of sodium. Which is low for a tomato based, jar of sauce.

So tonight we're having it on pasta with freshly grated parmesan cheese, actually it's grana padano which we find more tasty than parmesan regiano. And I have some rosemary hot dogs buns in the freezer which I'm going to turn into garlic bread.

And with it all we'll have some of our homemade Cabernet Savingon. It's been aging for 6 months now and is just perfect. We have such a collection of wine in the basement and we are patiently waiting for it to age properly. It's taking a small act of god to prevent us for drinking it all now but we're waiting. And as we are starting to see, it's worth the wait. Nothing is worse then a young red wine that is suppose to age. And good things come to those who wait!

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