Friday, June 23, 2006

Cottage + Rain = Interesting Meal Choices

Today we head to the cottage for the weekend and it's forcasting rain. Cottage life isn't really designed for rain. And cottage cooking is definately not designed for rain. I try to keep it simple though. This weekend it's going to be warm and rainy which is an extra pain in the neck. Too wet to bbq but too hot to cook inside. Luckily tonight we have leftovers that we didn't eat last night. Curry chicken and tandoori veggies with rice. Tomorrow night I'll boil some store bought fresh pasta, either inside or on the bbq. Sunday night well have pizzas, hopefully on the grill but I could do them inside if necessary. For this type of weather, one must be flexible. I'll get some salad greens to round out each meal. Having a side burner on the bbq is a blessing. I find I get a lot of use out of it. I have a new Sou'wester (rain hat for you non-maritime types) which will be put to good use this weekend.


Tanya said...

Did it rain all weekend? The weather was fab in Campbellton. Not a cloud in the sky. We BBQ'd a big salmon and the 'chef' put mayo with garlic and onions on the inside of the salmon. It sounded weird but turned out wonderfully.

The Gourmet Goddess said...

Mayo is a great flavor base for meat and fish. Add some herbs and you're done. It's the base to my Southwest Salmon, just add some cayenne, coriander and chili powder into the mayo, spread on the salmon and cook!