Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cheese (on sale!)

I've had a few different people tell me lately that they are buying the real cheddar cheese instead of the processed cheese.  This is great news since real food is always best!  However I've come to find out that these folks are either scared to stock up when it's on sale (this week Kraft Cracker Barrel 500g is on sale for $4.99 at the Atlantic Superstore) because they're afraid it will go bad or they are buying lots and freezing it.  Hold the phone folks!  Stock up and DON'T freeze it.  Check the expiry dates.  You'll see that the cheese you are buying today is usually good for 2 - 3 months as long as the vacuum seal is intact.  I buy 4 or 5 packs when they're on sale.  Now you know!

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