Saturday, May 19, 2012

Food Revolution Day!

Jamie Oliver has become a strong voice in the fight for real, healthy food on every table in every home and school.  He's challenged governments to rethink what they serve their kids in schools.  He's challenged people to think about what they eat in their own homes.  Today he has declared it Food Revolution Day.  Today is a day to think about what we eat, where is comes from and what food choices we are making daily.  It's time to celebrate local food.  Time to celebrate the simple act of cooking (and it can be very, very simple!).  Time to celebrate one of the single most important things we do every single day - EAT!  It's the fuel that keeps our minds and bodies going.  And if we continue to gunk up the works with crap then well..... we won't be functioning to our optimal level.  Never mind the long term implications... 

So today instead of grabbing that frozen snack or meal, or something from the fast food joint around the corner, make an omelet, toss a salad, boil a little whole wheat pasta and mix in some of your favorite in season veggies.  If it's not too late head over to your local farmers market.  I spent $21 CAN this morning at my local farmers market.  $6.25 of that went to some plants, lettuce, swiss chard and eggplant to go in my garden for veggies later on.  The remaining $14.75 was spent on some lovely leaf lettuce, spinach, eggs, turnip (which make great turnip fries on the BBQ), a garlic onion loaf that I use for croutons in salads and some whole wheat hamburger buns for our holiday Monday pork burgers.

At the very least, take a little time today and think about where your food is coming from.  Do you know?  And what about your favorite restaurant?  Do they support local farmers which is not just good for your local economy but also for the environment as the less shipping produce and food product has to travel the less fuel is used, less pollution, etc.?  Does your favorite chef use as little processed food as possible?  Is he or her making things from scratch?  Investigate a new ingredient that you haven't eaten or don't eat often and don't really know how to cook.  We are always hearing about new things that are good for us... know what quinoa is?  or how to cook it?  (hint it's easy, cheap because a little goes a long way, and super healthy!)

Most of all today celebrate good, real food.  Really want to celebrate?  Try a local beer or wine to go with it.  After all it is a holiday around these parts and the kick off of summer so - Cheers!

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