Monday, March 01, 2010

And now we bring you the Paralympics!

The fun continues! The Olympics may be over but now we need to show our Paralympians the same support. What they do is even more awe inspiring! I'm hoping we get the same type of television coverage. Nothing is so exciting as watch live events with the all the thrills, chills and spills! I'm going to do my part and develop a Vancouver 2010 Paralympics Menu.

So what do the Paralympics represent? Athletes - well that's obvious. Determination - sure. Commitment - definitely. Over coming obstacles - yup. Living with Challenges above and beyond the average - oh yeah. So how am I going to represent the Paralympic experience in a menu? Hmmm. I've done the international winter menu for the Olympics, I'm going to do a summer inspired international menu for the World Cup this coming June. I think the best thing I can do are meals that are simple, uncomplicated, tasty, healthy and quick. Because that's what every Paralympian needs! (and so do most of us on a daily basis!!) Meals healthy enough for athletes, quick for busy people, simple for those who aren't masters in the kitchen.

So stay tuned for the offical Paralympic Menu. The game start in just 11 days! And once again - Go Canada Go!!

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