Sunday, February 15, 2009

Comfort foods for sick days

You know I love my freezer but never was it more apparent than the week before last when I was home sick with a severe episode of the flu. You know it's the flu when you constantly think to yourself "even my eyeballs hurt". And they did. So you can imagine how grateful I was that my freezer had lots of comfort foods. I have homemade turkey soup, leftover turkey hash and turkey pot pie. Turkey is my comfort food. Although this time I craved salads. Luckily I had romaine lettuce on hand. But there were points during the week and a half of illness ( yup, that long) I did have periods of extreme nausea which is definitely turkey soup time.

I always make turkey pot pie out of the leftover turkey and gravy. Just throw in some veggies of your choice and some form of crust. I've used leftover carrots and turnip and put a layer of mashed potatoes for the crust. Ooo, I've even done a mashed potato and stuffing mix for the crust. That is always yummy. This time I used frozen broccoli, diced turnip and some of my own roasted corn. For the crust I used the Pillsbury cresent rolls. When I cook it I undercook the crust, freeze it and then when I go to reheat it, the crust ends up perfect.

Serious comfort food.
This time of year it's really important to keep some good comfort foods (and cold meds) on hand. You never know when the flu or cold will take you down! So whatever means 'comfort' to you - stock up! And next year I'll be getting that flu shot....

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