Saturday, June 09, 2007

Veggie Burgers (but you'll never miss the meat!)

Still no pics. Sorry. Weight update - I ate out last night and had drinks... no way am I getting on a scale today. The water retention from the salty foods will give me an inaccurate read!

Thursday night we had a fantastic veggie burger. And it wasn't one of those soy things which are too high in sodium for Tim. It was a portabello burger. Might I remind you that I don't really like mushrooms but nothing is as yummy as a grilled portie!

We grilled portabello mushrooms, a ring of red onions for each burger and some sliced zucchini. We grilled the porties with the cup side down first then turned them over and added some blue cheese and let it all melt while on the bbq. Don't like blue cheese, try brie, Camembert, cambazola or Gorgonzola. The cheese makes this burger. Then all we did was serve the burger on whole wheat buns, layering the portie with cheese side up, then the red onion, then the zucchini. That's it, nothing else was needed! The way blue cheese melts, it gave moisture to the whole burger. And these were frozen, half stale buns!

Oh, and I keep saying "we" cause Tim grilled and I offered polite suggestions.

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