Sunday, June 17, 2007

Even I have a few naughty secrets...

I've been reading so many blogs and listening to so many podcasts today that I just had to sit down and blog myself. Unfortunately my camera is still in the canon hospital so no pics. And I'd love to share some fantastic recipe with you but aside from having one of my Indian burgers for lunch (it was fantastic), I'm eating what I would call crap for dinner.

Okay, just so you know, I never claimed to be perfect. I have this one weakness that has been with me for years. I love Liptons Pasta and Sauce Creamy Bacon Carbonara. It tastes nothing like real carbonara but I love it anyway. And as the rain clouds rolled in this evening, the idea of grilling my salmon fillet in the rain seemed less and less appealing. Then I remembered I had picked up some of my beloved Creamy Bacon Carbonara a little while ago to have when Tim was out of town. I would never make this when he is around - waaaay too high in sodium for him. But since he left for Sweden yesterday I thought I'd indulge myself.

And as though it's not bad enough, I pile it high with freshly shredded parmesan cheese. I did add 2 cups of fresh spinach to it just to make me feel better. I'm enjoying it right at this minute. Here's to being naughty every once in a while! ; )

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