Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Baking 2010

I've started my Christmas baking... that's right, I've started. I have a few things going on and I might not have the time later so I figured I should take advantage of my time now. Most baked goods freeze well so it's a great thing to get ahead on before the season slaps you in the head and you're staring at Christmas Eve like a dazed reindeer stuck in the headlights.

I've done up a batch of Swedish Pepparkarkar and Skor Cookies. Whether or not they make it to Christmas is another story. I would like to point out that when making the Skor cookies it is best to use parchment paper. You'll run the risk of ruining your cookie sheets if you just grease them. The melted skor bits are like cement stuck to the pan, no matter how well you grease it. Parchment saves your pan, you can use just the one sheet for the entire batch and clean up is a snap!

Also I've also been stocking up on sales items now to defray the cost of the holidays as we get closer to the winter solstice. I've already got my turkey when one store had buy one get one free on turkeys recently. I've stocked up on chicken; whole, pieces, bone in and boneless. I've bought prime rib and steaks.... And there has been some nice sales on excellent quality frozen veggies (because by the end of December our local fresh veggies are starting to get scarce so frozen is the way to go). I've also stocked up on crackers. Hmmm, must watch out for sales on pop and juices....

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