Sunday, September 05, 2010


I've been trying to increase my turmeric intake lately. I don't get excited about every latest and greatest "super food" but this spice is worth the consideration. There is believed to be a correlation between turmeric and lower rates of Alzheimer's. It may help in the fight against cancer, slow down the progression of MS and that's not all! Seriously, check it out.

Most of us think of turmeric as a spice to add to curry. But since a lot of North Americans don't have curry regularly it's hard to get more turmeric in our diets. Here's a couple of easy ways to up your intake. And remember, ground spices only last about 6 months so be sure to replenish your supply regularly!

1. Add a good sprinkle to boiled or glazed carrots or turnip right before serving and toss well.
2. Add to tune, egg or chicken salad.
3. Add a bit to your dry rubs for ribs, chicken or pork
4. Add a bit to your breading if you're making fried foods or oven baking items with a breading.
5. Throw a bit in your tomato sauce for an interesting layer of flavour.
6. Sprinkle on cauliflower, squash, potatoes or broccoli... or whatever veggie peaks your interest!
7. Of course you want to add turmeric to any Moroccan, Indian or even Thai dishes.
8. Add it to Chili!

Tonight I'm having pork with rosemary, thyme and apples with diced turnip on the side. I'll sprinkle the turnip with some turmeric which will compliment the grilled apples on the plate. Yum!

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